Thursday, 06 February 2014 00:09

MERGING partners to organise the first symposium on phonon effects at nanoscale at E-MRS conference

The first symposium dedicated to phonon effects at the nanoscale within the E-MRS conference will take place in Lille (France) from 26th to 29th May 2014. This symposium is co-organised by MERGING members Prof Dr Clivia M Sotomayor Torres and Prof Dr Jouni Ahopelto, together with Prof Dr Sebastian Volz.

The symposium will focus on the transfer of energy across atomic interfaces and the propagation of energy in the nm-scale. The objective is to bring together concepts from solid state and statistical physics to converge towards a comprehensive understanding of coherence, energy-temperature in the nm-scale, chaos and noise phenomena. Some of the hot topics covered by the symposium and directly linked to the research activity of MERGING include:

  • Radiative heat transfer
  • Energy Conversion in the Nano scale
  • Nano scale thermal conductivity
  • Micro to Nanoscale thermal management
  • Phononic crystals
  • Photon-phonon interactions
  • Coherent acoustic phonons and Phonon sources

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