Monday, 01 December 2014 00:00

EUPHONON position paper on nano-phononics available!

The EUPHONON position paper on nano-phononics has been released. It is one of the main outputs of the EUPHONON coordination action (, a EU project which mission was to build a European community for nano-phononics. The document aims at defining nano-phononics, bringing forth the urgent need to aggregate a nano-phononics community in Europe and boost its consolidation. This report seeks to demonstrate that phonons are at the conceptual heart of several scientific communities such as the Terahertz Phonons, Micro/Nanoscale Heat Transfer like in MERGING, Nanomechanics and Optomechanics, Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics communities.
Expected impact of initiatives such as this position paper is to enhance visibility, communication and networking between specialists in several fields, facilitate rapid information flow, look for areas of common ground between different technologies and therefore shape and consolidate the Nanophononics European research community.
The main recommendation concerns the implementation of essential actions in the form of, e.g., a FET pro-active initiative in Nanophononics would energise and galvanise the active collaborations to put forward outstanding research concepts to position Europe in an undoubted leadership position in this field, which underpins future communication technologies. Additionally, the communities need more time to gather and consolidate. The current EUPHONON project has made an excellent start but a fresh initiative, including industry, is a condition for longlasting impact. Finally, intense networking with Chinese and American colleagues through bilateral research projects, joint workshops and research exchanges should be seriously considered.
The whole position paper has been published in e-nanonewsletter (issue num. 30) and can be downloaded here.